Tuesday, August 10, 2010

#343 440km from Chateau Gontier to Montmoreau St Cybard.

A long day's drive. Our poor old Winnebago is 22 years old and creaks and groans a bit if I try to exert it. Taking the direct route, with all the stopping and starting for junctions and roundabouts, has the 7400cc engine really guzzling the gas. So I drove at a stately pace and kept to motorways to save fuel.

In its (and my) youth, I would select cruise control and be flying down the autoroutes at 70mph, a Bob Marley cassette cranked up to full volume. Now an average of 50mph still gets us there (eventually). But, sad to say, seemed to have mislaid all the reggae tapes - and who's got new cassette tapes these days?

We are on an almost empty municipal campsite with not much going for it except, right next door - a swimming pool :-)