Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#349 Street Market

An artisanal food market in our high street had lots of interesting foods on display. We bought a slice of this really excellent Swiss Gruyère - with the graphics printed on the top being so nice you knew the cheese would be equally good (just like back in the days of vinyl, LP record sleeves used to have ace covers for good music and crap for crap).

Also in the shopping bag went hand made soaps, ecological olive oil, a butifarra con setas (a Catalan sausage with mushroom) and I only passed on the horse ham, which looked like a solid piece of dark red tuna, as I'd run out of money.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

#348 Trofai

When I was in France I happened upon a little grocery shop that was run by a nice lady from . . . Mali, I think. I was after some Red Palm Oil but she persuaded me to try this can of Trofai Palm Concentrate. Apparently it's the 'bees knees' for West African stews and soups and absolutely essential in a Nigerian soup called Banga. (I had to smile 'cos this was my boy Jay's first personal swear word - Oh Banga!)

I used the concentrate when making my Captain's Chicken Curry (link) and it was excellent. Trouble is, I can't buy any down here in Denia, might find some in Barcelona or have to end up e.buying from somewhere like Lagos. If you see any in your local corner shop, please let me know.