Tuesday, April 27, 2010

#327 Three days to get to London

Saturday: Denia - Valencia - Barcelona - paella with Tom & Carrie - night train to Paris.

Sunday: Walk from Gare Austerlitz to Gare St Lazare (didn't stop for ice cream with Laurent at Grom Gelatori - they were closed) - train to Cherbourg - went to dinner at Le Panoramique with Bernie & Marie Therese.

Monday: Car to Caen - train to Paris - RER to Gare du Nord - Eurostar to London St Pancras - tube to E Finchley - walk to Muswell Hill - big glass of red wine.

Bernie coming out of the Klink du Piercing in Caen. Can't say exactly what he had done, but he seems quite happy ;-)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

#326 Mum

My Mum just had a hip replacement but came out of hospital, not only with a new hip but also a nasty bug that made her very ill, so she was sent back in for different anti-biotics, drips, injections and what have you.

Here she is making a good fist of some solid food. Steak and chips soon!

Friday, April 09, 2010

#325 Cobblers!

I have a very old pair of shoes that I love but . . . they are very old shoes.
Just round the corner a tiny little shoe mender's shop has opened, run by a nice Bulgarian man. In the window he put a sign "shoes made to measure". I asked, more on the off-chance than anything, could he copy my old red shoes?

Yes, he said and he has made me a pair of the most wonderful, elegant, chic shoes you could wish for. But - the most wonderful part was the price - €80. Excellent! He did say that this was his very special, first time in Denia price and if any mates want similar the price might rise to €120.

Do you want some new shoes? I can pass on any enquiries.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

#324 Chewing Gum Man

Coming back from the Post Office in Muswell Hill we came across the Chewing Gum Man. He's an artist who lies on the pavement and paints pictures on discarded bits of chewing gum. A bit like Banksy (see #321) making ephemeral art in/on the street.

He hasn't got a tag, I suggested Wrigley. He was very much against that - too commercial!

I also bought an adjustable spanner in a 99p shop.
I was so pleased at the price that I gave the cashier a Pound coin and said "Keep the Change!" :-)