Friday, June 26, 2009

#281 London Bridge Station

I just sold my last disc wheel (I had three at one time). I advertised it on the London Fixed and Single Speed Forum for a hundred pounds and got a buyer called Andy. The wheel was with my mate Jonny F in London and I put them in touch with each other to organise collection and payment. They arranged to meet at London Bridge Station and do the deal.

I must ask Jon how Andy found him, did he wear a white carnation or carry a rolled-up copy of The Times or what . . . . . ?

Anyway, big thanks to Jon for looking after the wheel and collecting the cash.

Monday, June 22, 2009

#280 SWOBO No Go

Begin rant / As an add-on to the item below I wanted to buy a nice white SWOBO cycling cap. Sort of brand loyalty if you will, after the nice vibes I got when winning one of their shirts (#264).

However shipping a $15 cap for $76.25 seemed a bit OTT, don't you think? Not that I haven't complained in the past but all I get is an electronic shrug. / Rant over

Saturday, June 20, 2009

#279 1600km in one pair of shorts

Nearly ready to go riding from Barça to Damm, (see map #273) kit organised, credit card at the ready, list of 5 star hotels taped to top tube.

On the left is my daily riding gear; Swrve cap, Uvex varicrome glasses, white retro Campagnolo track mitts, white Rapha Club Jersey, Assos H5 no-bib shorts, Rapha wool socks (L & R), Specialized mountain bike shoes.

Each night I wash my shorts / jersey / socks with the hotel's shampoo and hope it's all dry by next morning. If not, the hotel hair dryer comes into action!

In the handle-bar bag I have enough clothing to change into each night. Viz: Kenzo double breasted electric blue suit, a dozen Gieves & Hawkes sea island cotton shirts, an assortment of silk ties (I used to buy two each year at Harrod's spring sale, so have quite a selection), Vans shoes with Addict print (as an alternative a pair of Bally grey suede tassle-over loafers), one pair of David Beckham's Armani underpants - it's all right, he washed them!

It does pay to look one's best on arriving at one's hotel, so I make sure to have my jacket open and trousers at half mast so that the Amani pants are quite apparent - then I will be marked down as a man of taste and style and probably upgraded to the Presidential Suite.

You have to know the tricks of the trade when travelling across Europe ;-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

#278 My Guess is . . . . . .

We went out for lunch at restaurant Mena in Las Rotas, Denia. Salad and a platter of sea food. Not wanting to neck a whole bottle of wine we asked for just a glass each. It seems there was half a bottle of Baron de Magaña left over from some earlier do, so we had some of that.

We had to grin, the bottle was as big as Ramon, our waiter.
Yes, but how big? answers on a postcard, please.

Monday, June 08, 2009

#277 Curry Nights

Our guests think Sally is serving them water to go with their curry - actually, it's gin! They really enjoyed the curry ;-)

#276 Little bit of Road

Here is a little bit of road, on a nice sunny day, pale blue sky, no wind, no cars, all downhill, perfect riding :-)