Sunday, November 22, 2009

#306 Very Old News

My UK to Denia ride back in 2004 was pre Menfot blog.
However, I'm posting the route now just as reminder to me.

Cherbourg - Valognes 20k (prologue)
Valognes - St Hilaire du Harcourt 125k
St Hilaire du Harcourt - Chateau Gontier 100k
Chateau Gontier - Cholet 105k
Cholet - Niort 102k
Niort - Angoulem 102k
Angoulem - Le Bogue 125k
Le Bogue - Lalbenque 108k

2 dias reposo
Lalbenque - Puylaurens 120k
Puylaurens - Quillan 100k
Quillan - Puigcerda 85k
Puigcerda - Ponts 105k
Ponts - Montblanc 105k

1 dia reposo
Montblanc - Gandesa 90k
Gandesa - Chilches 180k
Chilches - Valencia + Gandia - Denia 100k

Saturday, November 21, 2009

#305 May ride in May

Do you want to come for a ride next May in sunny Spain?

I'm planning to follow the Ruta Via de la Plata (or the Camino Mozárabe as it's also known) the part from Sevilla to Salamanca. It's tracks and trails, mountain or CX bike, about 500k in seven days. Probably six or seven hours of riding per day for someone of my age - you might do it quicker :-)

Here are a couple of links:
Ruta de la Plata
(in Spanish but it's got a nice photo gallery - go to Fotografias).


Saturday, November 14, 2009

#304 Sopa de Calabaza

Soup made from roasted Pumpkin, Carrots, Red Onions, Red and Yellow Peppers, Chile, Coriander seeds. Then blended with milk and sour cream and served garnished with chopped Chives.