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#459 Paleo Plates

I'm trying to eat Paleolithically - my version leaves out foods starting with P in Spanish: Pan, Pasta, Pizza, Postres.
If not completely, then "poco".

Smoked Salmon & Eggs - Carrots & Curry dip - Thai Fish - Pan Fried Trout.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#458 a bit more Danubing

Post box, Chus, me, Alex

Thursday, August 16, 2012

#457 Vienna

The Wiener Riesenrad

Vienna (A) - Stuttgart (D) - Perpignan (F) - Barcelona (E)
3 days in a van at 120km / hr


Just before leaving Vienna I made a quick trip on the UBahn to visit the Secessionist Museum. I'm a fan of the Secessionist style of art & design and wanted to see the works of Josef Hoffmann as we have some furniture at home designed by him.

I looked around, saw the Gustav Klimt frieze and some nice modern art but no Hoffmann. I enquired where were his works but was told "Oh no, this building doesn't have works by the Secessionists (except Klimt) it's just the name of the museum"  . . . . . . .

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

#456 Up the Danube

On the Donauradweg (Danube Bike Path) with a group of 9 Spanish cyclists. I've volunteered to be a guide for my friend Chus who's company, Rutas Pangea has organised this trip from Regensburg in Germany to Vienna, capital of Austria.  I'm the lantern rouge, riding at the back and dealing with punctures, chain derailments, broken bits and keeping the tail enders on the right route.

Tuesday: Regensburg to Straubing 60km.
Wednesday: Straubing to Passau 109km.
Ice cream day.
Thursday 45km.
Paseo in Passau and a swim in the hotel's pool in Schlogen.
We are now in Austria.
Friday Schlogen to Linz 45km.
It's not the chocolate town.
Saturday Linz to Grein 60km
More swimming -  a chilly river Danube.
Sunday Meandering from Grein to Melk 45km
Monday First we walked round a bleeding great monastery. Then we rode down the bike path and then quite soon stopped for wine. Some ham & cheese then off again but had to stop straight away for more wine. Final ride to hotel in Krems and another round of . . . (I'm not sure what happened next). . . .
Tuesday to Vienna 90km

About 500km in 8 days. 95% Asphalt. Mostly bike path, some roads shared with cars. No hills.
Very nice bunch of riders - I'm now super fast at changing inner tubes and extracting bits of backpack from rear wheels :-)

Non stop wine tasting in Krems

In the Danube at Grein

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