Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#402 Hard to Believe!

I just bought a pair of Vans slip-on sneakers from an internet site in the USA for only €14.12 - delivery to Spain included!

How can that be?

++++++ update ++++++
Because it can't. Should have investigated a bit more before placing order. Google search resulted in many scam complaints :-(

So, canceled PayPal payment and will have to look elsewhere for some new daps.

++++++ update ++++++
Result! Just received a similar pair via the UK,
40€ this time, but that's not so bad :-)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

#401 Mérida y Madrid y Arquitectura Moderna

We are driving (a long way) to Mérida in Extramadura. Sally and her friend Christine will then walk north along the Via de la Plata. I'm taking my bike and will ride somewhere . . . . . .
I went for a ride over to Olivenza, stayed in a hotel, rode back a different way, then drove to Trujillo for the night. I called my friend Chus in Madrid and asked what was happening. He said he was having a barbecue with a group of his friends and I should come. So I did :-)

Sunday morning into central Madrid for a short guided bike tour "En Bici por la Arquitectura Moderna en Torno al Madrid Río". Interesting modern landscaping in the new park with some fun metalic bridges and a look at a bit of brutal "a machine for living" influenced apartment blocks.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

#400 Feria in Denia

This weekend our high street is full of stalls selling artisan foods and the like.

We bought Gruyère cheese, Membrillo (a solid quince jelly that goes with cheese), a slice of horse ham and a pot of plump olives. (I think we are becoming Spanish).

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

#399 Someone to Watch Over Me.

I made a compilation of nice jazz tracks sometime ago and replaying it the other evening I have to say this track must be my Number One.

As she scats the last few bars you have to almost have to clap and cheer along with her.