Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#395 Up in the Pyrénées

We left our van in France for the winter and took the train to Ax les Thermes (a mere 28€ for two on TER-SNCF, the local regional French railway company). These trains are very bike friendly with racks to hang your bike, and even better, Free!

Next day 5€ for two up to the French/Spanish frontier at La Tour de Carol, then changed platforms and took the Spanish equivalent down the other side to Ribes de Freser (even cheaper, only 3.70€ for two).

Wednesday we took a mountain train up to Núria (alt. 1960m) and walked back down 7.5km on a narrow, rocky path. I completely forgot that I dislike hiking intensely - so won't be volunteering for any other "walks" in the near future. My poor bones :-(

Sunday, August 14, 2011

#394 Montricoux

We've moved to Montricoux which is on the river Aveyron.
We're still in Tarn et Garonne (lots of rivers in France).

My wife likes to be colour co-ordinated.

Our home for the month of August.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

#393 French Stuff

The Col de Viandès, at an altitude of only 270 metres, must be the lowest Col ever. In fact, I had to go downhill to go over it!

Apparently, this is one of the first modern electrically operated fuel pumps to be installed in France. The owner gave us a detailed description of its history but I forgot to ask how much a litre of petrol costs back then - around cent sous I suppose?

Ahh! That's just the name of the shop. Our local 8 - 8 doesn't open from 8 to 8. As we are in provincial France it shuts at mid-day for a couple of hours. The French like to get their priorities right: Lunch Before Commerce.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

#392 Montpezat de Quercy

August and we are in our Winnebago on a campsite in Montpezat de Quercy, France. Montpezat is in Départment 82, Tarn et Garrone, but mostly we cycle next door in the Lot (46).

Immediately we are doing the rounds of the Fêtes in the local villages. Monday to Cremps for a Repas Champetre, lit "an outside meal" (but in a marquee). We were serenaded by one man and his guitar and served a three course meal with wine.

My Right Ear.

Thursday to Montdumerc. This time a Decouverte Gourmand. Here you bring your own plate and cutlery and then go round the stalls buying your food. We had confit of duck with sauté potatoes for 6€ each, a bottle of local Quercy red wine for 5€ and a piece of walnut pie for 2€. Excellent!

Saturday went to a Blues and Gospel concert in the town square.

Sunday a Vide Grenier, basically a junk market - nothing of interest and, sorry to say, no intersting pics.

Our last Friday in Montpezat and we went to a Marche Gourmand with some of our friends. More duck & fries and wine and cake The youngest two had more cake than wine.