Thursday, July 29, 2010

#341 The Big Cheese ++

Fermanville - Flers - Chateau Gontier

We are moving down through France. Spent two night in Flers and now we are another 120k further south in a v nice campsite by the Mayenne river in Chateau Gontier. You can just about see the river, through the trees from our camping-car's breakfast room.

But sometimes it rains which is alright for us but a bit miserable for those in their wet tents :-(

I have a free pass to the local swimming pool (excellent!) and Thursday being market day we went shopping. I asked the girl on the Fromagerie de Livet stall to give me a big smile and say "cheeeese" and this is what she did:-)

Just before we left Chateau Gontier we took a pleasant *triangular 70k bike ride. West from CG on little roads through Marigné-Peuton and Denazé to La Chapelle-Craonnaise. There we caught the old railway line Anciennes Voies Ferrées northward for 10k. Back onto tarmac and over to the river Mayenne where we turned south and followed the towpath for 25k back to base. Stopped 10k from home for cheese & ham crepes with a bottle of dry cider :-)

*Actually not a triangle, more of a parallelogram.