Friday, October 30, 2009

#303 Plates made to Measure

It's amazing the interweb, isn't it?

More than twenty years ago we bought a whole collection of lovely green 'cracked glaze' plates in Heale's in Tottenham Court road in London. Over the years most got lost or broken or escaped . . . . . Anyway, we were down to our last three and I Googled the only name on the underside Charolles. No real luck, nearest was FdC Faiencerie de Charolles a maker of ceramic lamps in the town of Charolles in France.

However, Tom got on the case and found on their website a history page and reference to an out of date logo, the same as printed on the underside of our plates. ! .

So I mailed them, asked about plate making and they said yes they could reproduce our old plates if I sent a sample. Six weeks later - Result! we now have 8 new plates (and three new coffee cups). It's like finding your old scruffy pet dog, that was lost, has come home - but all nice and new and glossy :-)

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