Friday, October 30, 2009

#302 Biscuit Glacé aux Noisettes

To launch our new plates we had some amigos to a French themed dinner: Onion soup, salmon wrapped in ham and a dessert.

With the Salmon wrapped in Ham there is a portion of French Green Puy Lentils mixed with Spinach, Walnut Oil and a bit of Parsley for luck.

This is the dessert, Biscuit Glacé aux Noisettes, I copied from the Mirabelle Cookbook by Marco Pierre White.

Praline: 150g sugar & 15g hazelnuts.
Whip 6 egg whites add 300g sugar. Whip 450ml double cream.
Mix eggs, cream and praline and freeze.
Coulis: 225g raspberries & 75g icing sugar.

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Anonymous said...

MPW version looks like a copy of yours dad. Jay x