Thursday, July 16, 2009

#285 BCN to AMS week 2

Stage 14 Hilvarenbeek to Amsterdam 140km
. . . . arrived . . . . . :-)
Today I rode 120km of 140km on cycle paths; some good but a lot twisting and turning, made of cobbles or made of bricks, up and down kerbs and generally not that relaxing for eight hours. Beautiful roads but a navigational nightmare, good job I had detailed maps.

Stage 13 Huy to Hilvarenbeek 130km
I've gone Dutch! Stayed at Herberg St Petrus 10/10.

Stage 12 Virton to Huy 142km
Huy is just a bit left of Leige, Hôtel de Fort - crummy.

Stage 11 Toul to Virton 130km
Into Belgium and the biggest bed so far at the Relais de la Vénerie.

Stage 10 Luxeuil to Toul 127km
Road. Fields. Sky. and not much more.
Hotel de l'Europe wanted 5€ wifi charge - no way, José.

Stage 9 Pontarlier to Luxeuil les Bains 130km
Very wet and cold, wore rain cape all day. Beau-Site a really nice "old school" French hotel.

Stage 8 Leysin to Pontalier 122km.
Freewheeled first 16km down to Aigle, then pleasant ride round Lac Leman, through Montreux and Lausanne. Last 6okm mostly up and more up out of Swiss and into France.

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Snowy said...

Sorry to hear your leg from Pontarlier to Luxeuil les Bains was cold and showery, but nice piccie of you in your shower cap. Poor lad, I think you need a nice holiday relaxing in Bali.