Friday, July 24, 2009

#286 Amsterdam it's Lekker!

Lekker is Dutch for Nice
and F*cking is Dutch for . . . . . ?

Then we went on a train with Jay & Mascha.

We went out for pancakes (they were lekker!)

Monday we rode over to Haarlem - we didn't see any Globetrotters.
(although there are a lot of very tall people in Holland).

Tuesday we went on a tram:

We boated round the canals:

We went to the Van Gough Museum, I must admit I can take Vincent or leave him, but I really liked the pictures by his mate Emile Bernard, more . . . . graphic?

Then we went to the photographic museum FOAM but best of all we went to a mega Chinese supermarket Dun Yong to buy green Thai curry paste - even more lekker!

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