Tuesday, May 27, 2008

#212 Eng. Lit.

I can thoroughly recommend The Way We Wore by Robert Elms. It's an account of the writer's infatuation with the clothes, music and style of his youth. He's younger than me but near enough to to spark a memory of wearing Italian shoes and smoking French fags down the Coffee-Bar. Odd that the book cover is crap . . . . .

On the other hand, a good record cover usually has well designed music. And I don't have to fret about my feminine side to appreciate the show music from Porgy & Bess - its by Oscar Peterson and Joe Pass - so that's all right.

Nothing to do with fags, Providing You Don't Kiss Me by Duncan Hamilton is a biography about the infamous football manager, Brian Clough. I used to follow his teams, especially Nottingham Forest just because he was so outrageous. Sometimes he was a nice man - but not always.

I've extended my World Music collection with Made in Dakar by Orchestra Baobab. Only trouble is it's the . . . . . (counts records) . . . . fifth Orchestra Baobab cd in my collection, I wonder if it would be better to have only one cd (or make a compilation, I suppose).

I like Manu Chao in the same way but once you've enjoyed one cd you've enjoyed them all - or am I being insensitive to their subtle musical nuances . . . . .

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