Sunday, April 09, 2006

#23 Xterra Rotorua

Ken had an assignment to commentate at an off road triathlon in Rotorua, put on by Frank Clark (pic above) and Roger Mortimer. I first met Frank about ten years ago when he was a triathlete racing on the Iron Tour in France. Now he is a full time race organiser putting on triathlons and duathlons around New Zealand. When we arrived it turned out that their regular photographer was not available and would I like to fill in? Well I thought I aught to show willing as I had free hotel and board for three days – so yes, OK.

One draw back – my cameras were in Spain. I borrowed Ken’s small digital and put a call into Tracey Brick and she managed to send over her Canon eos300, so I was in business. I must say it was a bit weird walking round without my macho, big lense cameras and more importantly my photographer’s jacket. This jacket is like a special uniform that lets everyone know you are a ‘real’ photographer. However, working under the duress of being jacketless I took a few snaps – quite like old triathlon reporting times, really (I told you I was going back in time).

I am now famous in New Zealand as I was on national tv for a microsecond when the event was shown on the evening’s sports report. And, next day the Sunday Star Times, NZ’s only national newspaper, used one of my pics and gave me a credit (maybe I should take this up as a living?). So, all in all, good fun was had by all.

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