Monday, April 03, 2006

#22 Chocks away, Biggles!

Monday 3 April
Played squash with Mudge, a mate of Ken’s (will be stiff tomorrow)

Sunday: weather changed, wet and wet. Sadly departed the Brick household and went to Mission Bay to catch up with Ken Maclaren who was commentating at local triathlon.

That done we went off to Auckland airport to fly to Napier. Ahh! The plane has propellers! Captain comes through wearing leather flying jacket, leather helmet, goggles, silk scarf and sporting gigantic handlebar moustache. Chocks away! And we are airborne. No bandits at 3 o’clock, Jerry must be having a day off. What Ho! As we landed in Napier, no prangs, tailspins or loop the loops. Everything in apple pie order.

Back to Ken’s place, am sending this blog report via modem connection – could I be going back in time? - Let me think - (as I spark up a ciggie).


Anonymous said...

Are you sure there's nothing in that ciggie?

Anonymous said...

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