Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dental appointment at 2:30 - Post#12

Went to Denpasar and had teeth cleaned. Now have gleeming gnashers!

Trying to track down spices to make Garam Masala curry sauce. Went with Wayan (Snowy’s gardener) on back of motorbike to his village, then into local jungle to track down cardamom. Yes, it was a cardamom tree but sadly seedless. Then back for demonstration of how to make coconut oil. (Bash up coconuts, grate, dilute, squeeze, boil, skim, boil some more, etc etc).

We bowled over to Ubud to catch up with Professor Kung (he of the Michi Inn) and had a convivial lunch together with a couple of American alternative medicine people who were passing through.. Managed to get away without having a scalp massage or having to hug any trees.

Watched footy at midnight, Arsenal won, Liverpool didn’t.

Me looking a bit non plussed at a Duran fruit.
It tastes like . . . . . . fried onions (and thats being polite!)


Anonymous said...

Football... Boo!

Anonymous said...

European Cup heads south?