Sunday, March 12, 2006

#11 Friday – Cooking Day

Spent most of yesterday afternoon, after dropping Sally and Jenny at the airport, shopping for sweet sherry for my Chicken Tarragon recipe. Disaster! No sherry in Bali!

Friday afternoon we went to Jamie and Wendy’s place and they give me their kitchen. I cooked my Chicken Tarragon thanks to some dessert wine I found in Snowy’s wine cellar with just a touch of (secret ingredient :-) Everyone seemed to like it - or maybe it was the 2 litre bottle of red wine we consumed that made everything rosy.

Saturday Cycling
Woke up feeling very fragile (see reference to 2 litres of wine).

Dominique has organized a trip from Gajah Minah hotel where he has a bunch of mountain bikes. We load into his van (me, Snowy, Jamie, Wendy and Dominique) and drive up into the mountains. Then we ride back down a little lane/track to Gajah Minah. Very beautiful scenery, no traffic, few houses, not many people except bright faced children calling out “hello” - but quite a lot of barking, snappy dogs.

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Anonymous said...

All those expats - no sherry?