Thursday, March 30, 2006

#20 Tourist stuff

Got up at 6:45, crawled into tv room, watched Champions League match, Arsenal v Juventus. Exceptionally exciting game, we won 2-0 (grin).

Tracey took me for a drive round the sights of Auckland. Went to the Viaduct and saw the new development of hotels, cafes and apartments, all built since the America's Cup.

GB Prime Minister, Mr & Mrs Tony Blair, were also visiting Auckland. I gave them a wave as we drove by their yacht where they were enjoying cocktails (I don't think he saw me).

Then to Lunn's famous greengrocer to buy tarragon for tonight's dish. Into Cornwall Park and up to the scenic point on top of 'One Tree Hill', which is, in fact, now 'No Tree Hill' as the solitary tree had been hacked down in some sort of political protest.

Back over the bridge to Milford and Chicken Tarragon for dinner.
(this pic from google images)

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