Tuesday, March 28, 2006

#19 Chef Carbo Load

When we had 220 magazine I occasionally wrote a column under the title of 'Chef Carbo Load' - now I'm in the Brick's kitchen cooking each evening (and thoroughly enjoying it).

So far they have sampled; Friday Hot & Sour Prawns, Saturday Captains chicken (thats with cashew nuts, ginger and sutanans), Sunday Thai fish (with some Keffir lime leaves from a neighbour across the road), Monday Salmon wrapped in Ham with lentils, Tuesday various Vegetable Curry dishes (chick pea, chana dhal, mixed vegetable and bought in from local Indian; onion bahjies and nan bread) and tomorrow should be the JL signature dish, Chicken Tarragon. Thinks . . . . . . maybe I should go into business . . . . ?

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Anonymous said...

Stop it, you're making me hungry..