Thursday, March 23, 2006

#15 On the Road Again

Arrived Auckland, had a pot of honey confiscated by nice customs man but made it through with jar of curry sauce left over from my Bali do. Took two bus rides and made it to Matt and Tracey Brick's house to stay for the next few days.

Bangcock to Auckland. Eleven hour flight but slept most of the way curled up on two seats with feet over arm rest on the third.

To the airport via a Japanese restaurant for raw stuff.
Thai air to Bangkok. On arrival walked over to Amari Airport Hotel and found that the cheapest room was $280 (down from $380 mind you)so took advice an ended up at Asia Airport Hotel (15 min away by shuttle) at a very reasonable 16,000 bhat - more or less 32 euros. I wasn't the only occupant of my room as at 5 am was awaken by itchy sensation and discovered march of v small ants across bed headboard. Spent rest of night on floor on a pile of cushions. Still they had a nice swimming pool where I spent the next morning doing a few laps.

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