Tuesday, March 21, 2006

#14 Bali Days

Me, Dominique and Curry

Had massage, read book, ate food.
Evening we had ‘Farewell to me and Welcome to Bob and Fiona’ meal at Kitut’s Global restaurant.Toum, Lawar, Urutan, Babi Kecap,Pork Rib Soup, Rice, Sambal.

We all trooped over to Dominique’s hotel and I took over the kitchen and cooked Prawn Hot and Sour Curry, Spinach Dhal and Rice for 11 people.
Easy :-)

This evening went with Robin and Dianna to local village to see new computer room for the children that they have subsidized. We were entertained by the villagers and had more food -phew.

Christened Snowy’s barbi, he bought 10kg of really huge prawns – v delicious.

Off to town for the day, bought loads of stuff to make more hot & sour curry, picked up Snowy’s niece and husband (Fiona and Bob) from airport.


Anonymous said...

Baked potato and salad - no prawns here. Had curry for the last few days as the Dutch have been overtaking...invaded. and its flippin freezin overhere still...no sign of spring - Mascha.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I had a Galician steak with Tommy and Leon in Barcelona - probably as good as the cow shed??