Thursday, August 21, 2014

#612 Bali 5.2

Bye Bye Bali

My last night with my Bali mates; Jamie & Wendy, Snowy, Dom (but no Yanin or Nina).

I cooked a Chilli and then made a Cardamon Panna Cotta for desert.
A big thanks for looking after me. x

To-day’s Kitchen Tip for Busy Cooks.
How to extract the meat from a fresh coconut.
Scrape it out with an old Bintang Beer bottle top.
(Only drawback is, you have to open a bottle first to get the top).


Dom gave me a mixed bag of lovely, fragrant, Balinese spices, I’m going to use some of them to make a Chilli Con Carne.

So I went to the Butcher’s Stall:
I didn’t buy the intestines- I didn’t buy the big gnarly bone.
You *might* be surprised to hear that the beef I did buy was excellent.
Start cooking!