Saturday, August 09, 2014

#610 Bali 3.2

Went on an amazing expedition to the fish market with Dom, Le Patron de Gaja Minah.
I bought a nice red Snapper and a small Yellow Fin Tuna which our man filleted into Sashimi ready slices. Total, just over 100,000 Indonesian Rupiah (about 7€).
(I didn’t buy the Shark).

I’ve moved down the beach, to the now empty Bob & Fiona’s Villa (just able to see the sea from my new bedroom).

I have the gaff to myself except for Putu the maid who comes in at 07:00 makes me a carrot & ginger juice and a smoothie for my breakfast, sweeps the floor, washes my shirts and then goes home.

It’s a mellow life.

Brought-in lunch  - €2 each (beer is extra).