Monday, March 18, 2013

#516 Almodóvar

We went to the cinema and watched  
Pedro Almodóvar's Los Amantes Pasajeros. 

It's about a plane that has to crash-land because it's landing gear is broken and the film is the story that the passengers tell leading up to the forced landing. There is a funny scene where the gay cabin crew do a dance sequence to the record It's So Exciting. It's an OK film.

Years and years ago we went on holiday as a family to Crete. On the way back the pilot left his flight deck and came down with a torch and peered out of a window. Apparently a red light on the dashboard said the wheels hadn't come down in preparation for landing. We did a few circuits above Heathrow until the flight tower could look up and assure the pilot that the undercarriage was in fact in place.

Phew! (and as a bonus, we didn't have to watch our cabin crew do cheesy disco dancing).