Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#441 Day Trip

Thanks to Barbara Butler for this goat feeding pic - all mine got lost :-(

We went on an organised coach trip to visit a goat farm near Quatretonda, a village a bit north from us but still in the Valencian region. Very interesting for us as we used to be goat keepers.

As their milk is not pasteurised they must keep the cheese a minimum of two months before sale. Consequently the cheese is a bit . . . . strong (to put it mildly).

Then in the afternoon to the Museu Internacional de Titelles d´Albaida, which is a puppet museum. I thought we'd be looking at some bits of painted papier-mâché models that only get brought out on a Saint's days or fiestas.

I was surprised to find an excellent collection of international puppets; Chinese, Japanese, Javanese and all types of puppet; glove, string, some worked by rods - I even saw a few Muppets as well.
(pic: valenciaterraimar.org)