Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#435 London

On our way to London:
Went through security check at Valencia airport - my metal hip did not set the buzzer off (bit of a worry).

We got on the very crowded plane couldn't sit together but my new companions, a young couple, looked very worried and within two minutes the girl freaked and demanded to get off the plane, which they did. The cabin crew came and checked nearby overhead luggage bins for unknown bags or bombs (bit of a worry).

We arrived in England half an hour late, but Ryanair still announced that we were an on-time arrival (wtf?).

Anyway, finally arrived at my mum's in Muswell Hill - all OK :-)

On Wednesday went shopping in Covent Garden and lunched in the new Raymond Blanc Brasserie.
I had Steak Tartare and a plate of odd cheese.

Our guest of honour was Jasmine Flatters one of our very good friends from the triathlon days.

Then to the Barbican to view a Bauhaus exhibition, was OK.

On Thursday had a pleasant day walking around Muswell Hill, including a stop for salad in a café in Highgate Woods. I had a glass of excellent ginger beer - not the same as Rioja - but a nice change.