Sunday, December 25, 2011

#410 Crappy Christmas!

We are in Barcelona. We went for a walk down Las Ramblas and saw these Caga Tios for sale. Apparently it's a Catalunyan traditions for kids to have a Caga Tio, translated into English as Uncle Crapper!

It's a festive log with a happy face, held up on front legs and covered by a blanket. The idea is to feed it daily throughout December with sweeties so that on Christmas Eve the lucky children can beat it on the back, forcing it to crap a load of presents (cunningly concealed under the blanket).

We were a bit late to get one and feed it enough to excrete anything worthwhile, but we did go into the huge Boqueria food market and bought a kilo of fresh tuna for a mere 8€. It was delicious.

Continuing the crap theme, another Catalan tradition is to put a little figurine in their nativity scene of someone having a shit. All sorts of figures are made from President Obama to the entire Barcelona football team. It's not considered rude . . . . . . . I don't think - just a fecal thing.
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