Tuesday, October 11, 2011

#401 Mérida y Madrid y Arquitectura Moderna

We are driving (a long way) to Mérida in Extramadura. Sally and her friend Christine will then walk north along the Via de la Plata. I'm taking my bike and will ride somewhere . . . . . .
I went for a ride over to Olivenza, stayed in a hotel, rode back a different way, then drove to Trujillo for the night. I called my friend Chus in Madrid and asked what was happening. He said he was having a barbecue with a group of his friends and I should come. So I did :-)

Sunday morning into central Madrid for a short guided bike tour "En Bici por la Arquitectura Moderna en Torno al Madrid Río". Interesting modern landscaping in the new park with some fun metalic bridges and a look at a bit of brutal "a machine for living" influenced apartment blocks.