Thursday, April 07, 2011

#374 Castle in Spain

We enjoyed our weekend cycling in Catalunya (#368) so much that I booked us a week up there. We will stay in two 'casa rurals', one in Alpens for three days then to L'avenc de Tavertet for four. The cycling in the area looks to be very nice with tiny asphalt roads and lots and lots of off-road routes.

Quite by chance it seems that L'avenc de Tavertet is quite famous for being bought and refurbished by a well know English chap called Mathew Parris. He is a political commentator and journalist and has written about L'avenc in The Times and even written a book about the project.

I found a secondhand copy of his book on Amazon UK (for 1 penny + £4.03 postage :-) and spent the day after it arrived speed reading to find out what I had let us in for - all good I hope.