Saturday, May 08, 2010

#329 Come the Revolution!

. . . . and in other news; As I'm still in London I went to the Tate Modern, saw a load off stuff but liked a set of photos taken by Simryn Gill of Malasian house interiors (oddly hypnotic in their sameness) and even more, a display of Russian Revolutionary Graphic Art, mostly posters, some seemed to have been printed on brown wrapping paper with bold red and back inks, poverty and power all on one piece of paper. I liked the display so much I went back for a second look.

Then to the very best curry restaurant in London the Mirch Masala in Tooting. Even as you come out of the tube station at Tooting Bec you can smell the curry sauces wafting from the dozens and dozens of restaurants in Upper Tooting Road.

Went with Jay and Marcel & Karen (pic ©Karen) It's difficult to describe how wonderful the Mirch is, busy, noisy, friendly, excellent food. We shared Ginger Chicken, Saag Paneer, Masala Karella Daal Burji, Lentil Daal, Nans and BYO beer. If you are in London - go there!

And finally, another thanks for my birthday gifts, some of which included; a bell, a book, v nice jacket and some portable scales.