Sunday, September 20, 2009

#297 London

Flying visit to the UK. Went to Chelsea and visited the Americana exhibits at the Saatchi Gallery (not as good as the Chinese exhibition we saw last time IMHO). They had a few of the mobiles from last year working - Archbishop Makarios was still fast asleep. The textile & boot creation was quite fun.

Then across Sloane Square to buy a few replacement Hoffman tea spoons at the David Mellor shop but as they were 8.50 GBPounds each - only bought one.

Then to Chinatown and got a new wok (only 4.32 GBP :-)
Next time you are zipping around London, buy an Oyster card first - it gives you cheap and efficient bus & tube travel (Tip of the Day).

. . . . and to complete this frenzy of Spend! Spend! Spend! - dropped in to Prendas and bought an "Iron Man" shirt (amongst other things :-)

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