Friday, July 03, 2009

#283 BCN to AMS (a work in progress)

Stage 7 arrived Leysin after 130km + 10km by mountain railway . . . . . . . . . .

Stage 6 Pont en Royans to Seyssel 141km
wizzed along all day - must be getting fit! Hotel right on the river, and here's a bit of it.

Stage 5 Aubenas to Pont en Royans 118km
Climbed over Col de l'escrinet 787m and into head wind for rest of day. Hotel v nice.

Stage4 Ganges to Aubenas 130km
One of those stick-in-the-mud days. Big thanks to Etien at Cycles7 in Aubenas, I used his tools to fix broken barbag.

Stage 3 St Pons to Ganges 113km
first long climb 10k up in 1 hour then 10k down in 10 min! Climb 2 v long but corkscrew down and final 20k beside river La Vis beautiful.
Hotel de la Poste awarded most grotty room of the trip.

Stage 2 Quillan to St Pons de Thomière 120km
Twiddled down to Limoux, spinned into Carcassonne, peddled over the Col de Se? and into St Pons for apricot tart and beer. Jobs a good'un.

Stage 1 Ribes Freser to Quillan 130k
Six and a half hours. Thunder and lightning, cold and wet but still, first stage completed!
Hotel Cartier charged an extra 1€ for bike parking - wtf?

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