Tuesday, April 21, 2009

#270 Bring Back Debonair

We watched a *fairly* interesting (bit long, if the truth be told) documentary about Baroness Pannonica Rothschild. She was a white, Jewish, baroness who befriended various bebop jazz musicians, like Thelonius Monk and Charly Parker, back in the days of black & white film.

Poor Thelonius suffered with a bipolar mental condition but, more interestingly, it seems the whole Rothchild family was also a bit nutty.

There has been a series on BBC tv by Alan Whicker, looking back over 50 years of his reporting from the four corners of the world. He revisits and re-interviews people from his old programmes.

The plastic surgeon and his (same) wife have moved from California to Florida, the 13 year old bride in Bali has grown up, but for some reason Alan Whicker didn't choose to go back to Haiti and talk to the Tonton Macoutes again - bit too dangerous, apparently.

I think you might call Alan Whicker debonair. Not really fashionable to be debonair these days, is it? Bring Back Debonair is what I say!

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