Wednesday, April 09, 2008

#205Weekend in england

Went to England - flew to Bournemouth which is a very nice little uncrowded airport in southern England. It's not actually built from portacabins - but it feels like it. Stayed with Sally's sister near Bournemouth, visited Prendas Ciclismo and bought retro black and white jersey, similar to the Italian Carpano team jersey from (if my memory serves me correctly) 1960 :-)

Saturday went over to Swindon to help a bit with Lorraine's duathlon.

Sunday morning, race day, we awoke to . . . Snow! Pretty but cold, pretty cold in fact. However, by race time it wasn't quite freezing and the race went off very well :-) I rode lead bike (for the first run) and moved a few barriers. Met up with Trev (in Red) for first time in ages.

Monday went and looked at Winnebago which is parked nearby - soon to be advertised on eBay, more pics click here.

Tuesday back home (still wearing new jersey :-)

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