Monday, February 18, 2008

#200 Langster Highbury

I've submitted my new bike to
It can be seen on the thursday 28 Feb postings.
(but it's just the same as here).

Originally this bike was a Langster London which I bought to ride the 20k round trip to the swimming pool. However, I've changed it so much that I think it should now be called a Langster Highbury. The bars have been flopped and chopped and covered in transparent tape. Saddle and pin swapped for a vintage white Concor together with a Campag record pin and the black collar changed for a chrome one.

I couldn't get on with the graphics, a bit-mapped plan of the London Underground and a Specialized logo which looked to me more like the stars and stripes than a union (jack) and also, who really really wants "God Save the Queen" plastered on their chain stays? So, I sprayed them out and put an Arsenal FC home-made sticker on the top tube. Probably does want something on the down tube . . . . . . . (thinks).

Lastly, I replaced the white chain, varnished the blue Sugino chainring a distressed red and then fitted Speedplay's Frog pedals.

I need some advice from you viewers. As you see I have two tyre options. Red or white? Could you please send in your votes; if you prefer the red, press the red button on your remote, if the white Zaffiro's is your thing - press white (btw: bought them direct from Tsukumo Cycle Sports in Japan - and only 8000Yen including shipping).

It's an excellent bike for the money, a big ¡gracias! to Cicles Extrem in Denia who don't fall about laughing when I come in for weird bits . . . . . . . . . . they wait till I've gone out ;-)

Oh, one more thing, I've just found an Arsenal bidon on their shop website, so that's ok, but I still lack a red cycling jersey with white sleeves, preferably in merino wool, to complete the pose, anyone any ideas?

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