Saturday, October 06, 2007

#188 Merlin Titanium Newsboy

For Sale £2000 or 3000 euros or $4000.

Merlin titanium Newsboy mountain bike.
Built, I believe, in 2002.
Number 99 of only 100 ever made.
Medium size.
I've cut down the carbon fibre bars and added Specialized bar ends.

I bought the bike new in England in 2003, I've not used it much:
2003 Tour of Spain's Vias Verdes (Greeways) 350km
2004 2 separate weekends following Valencia Greenways 200km
2005 Ruta del Cid - Burgos to Valencia 650km
2007 Parc Natural de Els Ports 100km
. . . . . various other rides, not more than 200km
About 1500km on the clock (940 miles).

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Anonymous said...

Hi I am interested in your Newsboy, but cant find your email address to talk with you about it. Can you please post it? Thanks.

johnlillie said... (delete the z's) cheers.

Anonymous said...

did u sell your bike??

johnlillie said...

Yes, it was sold some time ago.