Sunday, April 15, 2007

#170 Paella & Co

Lunch with mates before picking up Sally at the airport. The speciality at the restaurant El Era in Parcent is paella cooked on a wood burning stove. We had to drive about 20k uphill out of Denia and as you go up so the prices go down.

Our meal for five; two salads, two servings of sepia, one of abondigas, before a big paella for five, bread, wine, bottled water, fanta (? - yes), coffees all round and two deserts (one coffee cake one almond) = 59 euros. Not each - the lot! Seriously inexpensive and the reason why you have to reserve two weeks in advance to get a table.

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Penny Lapenna said...

Ahh! The fabulous L'Era in my adopted village. Glad someone else loves it. Next time you cycle thru Parcent do stop for refreshment and say hi. I write for a couple of local magazines, including one called TopSport and would love to include some tried and tested cycling tips. Regards