Tuesday, April 03, 2007

#167 Run - Bike - Run

Talking about Mat Brick (#166) I unearthed these pictures which I took at one of our duathlons, quite a few years ago.

Some interesting people standing shoulder to shoulder (L-R) - the American, Greg Watson, who was a prolific duathlon winner. The Italian, former New York Marathon winner, Orlando Pizzolato. Mat Brick (NZ) even more prolific duathlon winner. From Australia, ex Tour de France racing cyclist, Allan Peiper. Jamie Hunt from NZ was a world junior champion and controlling the start, Duncan Rolley who was a very good Olympic standard swimmer. Hidden in this picture, along with the other 900 or so entrants, is Steve Ovett who was taking his first steps in the sport of duathlon (he's just behind Orlando but thats not his hair! there is someone a row behind him with the full Barnet)

Nearing the end of the race, Allan Peiper has a conversation with the camera crew - he tells them it's the last time he does one of these stupid races, and that climbing Alp d'Huez at the end of a 160km stage is a LOT easier!

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