Friday, February 16, 2007

#151 Valencia = Art, Leaves and Consomé

We went to Valencia for two days. Day One visited IVAM (Institut Valenciá d'Art Modern) and saw a load of out-of-focus photos, in fact, as you see, the whole building is out of focus. Stayed the night in arty farty hotel nearby then ate very nice Moroccan food, bisteeya, tajin etc.

Next day visited the Botanical Gardens and saw a load of leaves (well, it is February).

Later we cycled down the river Turia (it's not wet, the river has been diverted and now it's a long thin park). We carried on out of Valencia for 18k and had paella in El Palmar. The consomé soup with sherry was lethal! - a bowl of sherry with a spoonful of consomé - phew!

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