Monday, December 04, 2006

#134 To London

We went to London for a few days. Here we are in Covent Garden; Me, Sally and my Mum. When I was a little boy my mother seemed bigger than me . . . . she must be shrinking.

Next day, Sally, Jay and I walked along by the river and came upon a sculpture by a friend of ours, Karen Richmond. You can stand/lie on it and reflect on the travails of modern life, if you want.

Then we had a tour of Tate Modern. The entrance hall is fitted with some twirly slides (I didn't go on - might have been a bit too much fun).

Across the wobbly footbridge you can see St Paul's Cathedral and, back inside, one of my favourite pictures, Picasso's Three Dancers. I once made a T shirt for a triathlon using this picture as the logo. It's also on my Purple Square series - check the Flickr link on the right.

I pressed the fire control . . .
and ahead of me rockets blazed through the sky.

. . . . . and then we looked at a nice Asian lady in Tooting and her shop full of shoes.

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