Friday, October 27, 2006

#120 Want your car fixed?

Spain still has a lot of small family-run businesses where they prefer to repair broken bits and not fit factory-fresh, boxed replacements. They know their customers by name, they usually do a good job and you won't get ripped off. . . . . . . (ojalá).

Our local garage of choice is run by the Gimen's family; dad, various brothers and sister.

'Sis' doesn't wield a ratchet, as far as I know, but attends to the profit and loss accounts.

So if that clunking noise is really getting on your nerves,
pop round and Gimens'll fix it!


TOPTEN said...

gracias por el post, nos ha gustado mucho a todos, nos has hecho publicidad gratis je je
gracias y un abrazo para ti y tu mujer

johnlillie said...

el placer es mio :-)