Tuesday, October 10, 2006

#114 Addict Clothing

In the UK end of October? Anywhere near Southampton?
If so, you could go to the Addict Clothing Sample and Warehouse sale. You'll need an invite and preferably not be in my age bracket, although I've happily toted one of their dj record case bags around the world (filled with old clothes and not 12 inch vinyl) without being too embarrassed. In fact, you can see the very same bag back in February's posts, item #3.

And I've got a pair of Vans with their logo print (viewable post #71). Oh yes, and a khaki coloured Addict cap I wear when bike riding. However, I think I'm probably a bit too old to wear their trademark camouflage hoodie.

Late News:
Dave at Addict says not to make too much noise if you come - as he's recovering from a hard night - poor chap.

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