Wednesday, September 13, 2006

#96 Call the Plumber!

. . . . or Do-It-Yourself.
Wednesday spent the morning repairing leaking toilet cistern.

This entailed four! trips to the plumber's shop to;
(1) Check availability
(2) Buy replacement
(3) Take back faulty bit - after I'd fitted it - grrrr
(4) Return to buy different plunger guide
Now we don't have a leaking cistern, hurrah!

I would have shown you a picture of the old one, but it wasn't that pretty. So here is a pic of Kate Moss instead :-)


Ben B said...

Crikey. Has she just come out of your khazi?

johnlillie said...

Yes - but she was so mad!
we'd run out of tissue :-(

johnlillie said...

. . . and
she seems to have forgotten her duffle coat!