Sunday, August 06, 2006

#82 Now Playing

Three new LP's on my Danset record player:

1. Ali Farka Touré - Savane
African guitarist and bluesman Ali Farka Touré's final solo studio album.

2. Gerry Mulligan and Astor Piazzolla
- Reunión Cumbre
Jazz y Tango, recorded in 1974 - nice :-)

3. Anouar Brahem
- Le Voyage de Sahar
Amazon said a load of bollox (including):
"Tunisian oud master Brahem continues his by-now-well-established collaboration with François Couturier (piano) and Jean-Louis Matinier (accordion.)

The trio's improvisations are miracles of weightless precision; while sounding like nobody else, they also evoke chanting medieval monks, Keith Jarrett's florid keyboard sagas, Parisian bal musette, the long-vanished Moorish kingdom of Granada via 20th-century Spanish composer Manuel de Falla, languid recollections of French impressionist Eric Satie plus dissonant gleanings from Astor Piazzolla's sardonic Argentinean neo-tangos.

Despite this complex array of intellectual influences, which permeate the trio's constructions like smoke rings, their works come across as disarmingly simple and unpretentious, a tidily diffuse combination of Arabic modes, European classical disciplines and jazzy intuition"

. . . . . . . . . . even so, it's quite good.

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