Sunday, July 16, 2006

#71 Back to Barça

. . . . or what we did at the weekend.

Friday: we drove up to Barcelona (5+ hours). Picked up Tom from work and carried on to Mataló to see a concert by Femi Kuti. Driving Nigerian Funk Rock.

Before the concert we went for tapas;
Calamares a la Romana, lots of home made Potato Croquettes, Pork Brochettes and Patatas Bravas - all good.

But *even better* was the cost of TWO BOTTLES of HOUSE WINE: 3.50 euros each! (If you think in your English Pounds, US, Canadian or even NZ Dollars, I can tell that 7 euros for two bottles is very, very cheap. Even in Indonesian Rupiahs they were a bargain!

Check the bill or ring them up at Can Pep if you don't believe me!

Saturday we walked around Barcelona. I took some photos of bottles of wine in a shop window and then Sally (in front of bottles of wine in a shop window).

Went for dinner in restaurant by the sea (not shown).
Ended up drinking mojitos in Leon's bar.
Pictured: Tom about to sample 7 euro (!) mojito.

Sunday: photo of my Vans shoes,
print design by Addict,
standing on Pavement Plaque
somewhere in Barcelona.

Then we drove back to Dénia. :-)

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