Friday, June 16, 2006

#50 Fire! Fire!

Every March 19 we have a Fallas Fiesta. This particular fiesta started years ago when local carpenters cleared out their sheds and set fire to the waste. As time went by they became more creative with their bonfires. Now, huge 'Disneyesque' constructions are put up by local clubs. They each have a theme and often make political statements, usually poking fun at local government.

We have eight or so separate Fallas in Denia. They are judged on their artisitic merit and the winner has the honour of being burnt last.

The firemen are on hand, not to put the flames out, but to hose down the buildings that are closest to the conflagration.

I was away in NZ for this year's event, so here are pictures I took earlier :-)

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