Wednesday, June 07, 2006

#48 Money, Honey

I was looking under the sofa for some loose change and found these used notes. There were several million thousand Indonesian Rupes (which I couldn't change) so I popped them in an envelope and sent them off to my man Snowy in Bali. I hoped that he could then afford to buy a new pair of socks or a kitchen sponge or maybe even a year's supply of gin. Do you know - the envelope arrived without the dough!

I was then told that I should have wrapped the notes in carbon paper to remain undetected in the post office scanners. Carbon Paper? who has Carbon Paper these days?

Apparently, the boys 'inside' used to get their supplies of class A drugs delivered hidden in the glue of the envelopes they received from loving relatives. I understand this practice was thwarted when the authorities got some very high tec scanners (or maybe nice puppy dogs) to sniff the incoming mail.

Its probably v illegal to reproduce images of money on the internet so could end up in some foreign slammer for showing these bank notes - so when you write - just lick the envelope, OK?

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