Friday, May 26, 2006

#43 87 on 26:05:2006 + Pla's 25th.

We went to lunch with Sally's sister, Judy, and their dad, Arthur.
It was his 87th birthday. ¡cumpleaños feliz!

In the evening Sally and I went to our friends Eduardo and Marlise Pla's 25th wedding anniversary bash. With 50 other guests we dined on tapas, then all sorts of sea foods (see a selection on my plate - lobster, crab claws, razors, huge oysters tasting of the sea and big red Denia prawns). Then a main fish course, sorbet and after that 'wedding' cake and champers.

After that, Marlise sang a song to her husband and then a group came on and played. We got home some time the next day.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Grandad - love from Jay & Mascha xxx (looks like the Mena?)

johnlillie said...

will pass it on and no not the Mena but a restaurant in Las Marinas called Noguera (same bit of sea though)