Saturday, May 20, 2006

#39 Oh What Fun We Had

Ladies and Gentleman, I am now the Subcampeon Ogisaka Squash Tourneo Mayo 2006 (and I've got the cup to prove it!).

Our friend Arturo (see last post) organised the event and 16 people entered. A big range of styles and experience and I was very lucky to come up against lads with not so much experience. The semi final was fun, an Argentinean called Mariano could hit the ball at 100 mph but didn't have much tactics, so I scraped through. The final was a bit of a foregone conclusion as Kevin is head and shoulders above me (technically and physically) but I got a few points, so that was all right.

Afterwards Sally and I went out for tapas to a bar we know well and the staff know us. Our man serving seemed to have been drinking the profits and his brother had long conversations with us about Valencia football club. We had mussels, tellinas and the most wonderful sardines with a bottle of the house red. I ended up using my mobile to phone the bar to ask for our bill - they thought this so amusing that they made us drink extra wine. Sometime you just can't win ;-)

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